Fast Response Unit

In Dohnsberg, the ASB (Arbeiter-Samariter Bund) runs a Fast Response Rescue Unit (in German: Schnelleinsatzgruppe, or short: SEG) since 2002.

This unit consists of volunteers and is part of the county's civil protection.

In addition, the SEG helps when all other emergency vehicles are already needed at other missions.


At huge festivals they organize the medical help.

The Fast-Response-Unit consists of the following vehicles:

  • 1 Commando Vehicle (Opel Senator)
  • 1 Emergency Physician Vehicle (MB Vario T2)
  • 1 Equipment Truck (IVECO EuroCargo)
  • 1 Car for the Emergency Physician only (Audi A4
  • 1 ambulance (MB Sprinter)
  • 1 transport vehicle for four victims (MB Sprinter)
  • 1 Troup transporter (MB Sprinter)