If on two, on four or without wheels. Our county is always worth exploring.

For your journey you can use one of many bus lines of the Dohnsberg Transport Association ore you allow yourself a ride with the Steam Locomotive of Wolfenberg.



 But if you decide to travel by car you can use one of the many parking lots. Park your car and discover the wonderful nature while taking a walk.

In the mountains, you will find numerous opportunities to park your car or eat some little snack.

When you have arrived in the mountains, it is your choice if you simply want to enjoy the view,...

...climb the mountains...

...or go hiking.

An important appeal

Please do not park your car at the roadside when you are in the mountains or in the forest. Even if other people had already parked their cars as wild as shown above, we ask you not to join this behaviour.


  • The ground is not always strong enough to hold your car. Especially if it rains there is high risk that you wont get it back to the road without help of others.
  • You destroy a precious piece of nature by parking this way. Isn't the nature one reason you decided to spend your holiday here? - So don't destroy it.
  • Your car will possibly trouble other people. Pedestrians have to switch to the street, which is quite dangerous for them and annoying for the drivers on the street. Even if no part of your car reaches the street, it steals necessary space, which is needed if cars have to evade busses or other bigger cars.


Because of these reasons we would be thankful if you decided to use an ordinary car park.


Thank you for your understanding.