History of the County

Here we want to provide you some insights of the history of our county.

From Medieval to Baroque times

Of course, the history of our county as itself does not reach back this far, but the history of the towns and villages of our region does. Already in the Middle Ages Dohnsberg and Torfenstein were quite important trading places.

Especially the history of the Royal Family of Dohnsberg with kings like Harald the Grey influenced the area of our county.

In the 17th and 18th century many massive and monumental buildings were constructed in our county.

There are many castles and lodges to explore.

Dohnsberg catsle, constructed in the late 17th century
Dohnsberg catsle, constructed in the late 17th century

After the German reunion

The German reunion had big impacts to our county. many people moved away, branches of economy were destroyed but many others arised. Tourism expanded in the late 1990s and the building branch had profit from the boom.

The most important point was the foundation of the old counties of Dohnsberg, Torfenstein-Rosslau and Klingsbuettel in 1990. In 1994 these districts finally collated to the County of Dohnsberger Land.


Building of new houses in Torfenstein in 1995
Building of new houses in Torfenstein in 1995

Flood water in 2002

In August 2002 the rivers in the country had shown their natural power and destroyed everything which had been built with much effort in many towns and villages. Repairing the damage did not only cost much money but also much work and engagement by the people and helpers from all over the world.

Many people had to look back sadly, but also happily - happy that the catastrophy is over and had at least proved how big the solidarity of the population and the readiness of an uncountable amount of people to help others can be.