Despite tourism and other service industries, industry plays a big role in our county.


In the following you can see a series of photos that were taken to promote a logistic company that sent its truck through our county.

Coming from the tunnel, the truck slowly drives through the narrow streets from Wolfenberge, it drives downwards, passing the castle of Wolfenberge.

But suddenly, the street is blocked.

The reason for the blocked road is an accident.

After rescue units got control of the incident, the street is ready to move forward.

You'd better have good brakes here.

Just turning right one last time....

In a moment the truck will reach the city of Dohnsberg.

On the left you can already see the truck's destination.

Entering the local company "Neumann GmbH".

Being fully loaded the truck keeps going again.

It is driving towards the inner center of Dohnsberg where the next Autobahn connection is located.

Luckily there is more space in the city than in the mountains.

But, unfortunately, our little friend has to hit the brakes again.

Some violent football fans are fighting against the police.

The players have no idea what is going on outside.

As our truck driver does not want to get into trouble, he is turning again, taking another way back home.

But before he can drive home, he gets into a police control.

Luckily, everything is alright. For sure, the breath sobriety test is negative, too.

So he is a free man, again.

Driving through a residential area, our driver keeps moving.

As the way to the motorway is blocked, the driver decided to take the country road.

Reaching the end of the town again, our friend can drive home again.